How It Works



> Pay by the hour for the work you need. You can buy hours up front with a monthly budget, or purchase hours ad-hoc as you need them.

> No more pouring thousands of dollars into a marketing bucket with leaky holes. You know exactly what you're paying for and what you're getting.

> If you don't use all the hours you purchased, they roll over to the next month.

> If you choose to set a monthly budget, you can increase or decrease it at any time.


> The reAgency team is comprised of skilled, efficient creative and strategic freelancers with complementary skills.

> All freelancers maintain complete control over their hourly minimum rate and availability.  All freelancers can accept or decline work on a client or project basis, at any time and for any reason.

> Work is divided into three categories: brand management, creative, and strategic.

> Brand managers act as the liaison between the client and the rest of the team, defining deliverables, managing the budget, and keeping projects on track.

> Creatives create content—copy, graphics, websites, social, and more.

> Strategists analyze data, do research, and plan strategy.

The Process

When a client needs marketing work, they contact their brand manager. The brand manager (who, like everyone else, is paid by the hour) works with the client to define the project deliverables. Then the brand manager offers the work to reAgency freelancers she knows are available and have the required skills. Once the brand manager has found the right people to do the work, she continues to manage the project and ensure it stays on track.

Because each client file is accessible to all reAgency freelancers, new creatives and strategists can quickly learn a brand and get to work. Freelancers are chosen for their ability to work with the rest of the team, for their skills, and for their efficiency.

This chart is kept up to date with the latest range of hourly rates charged by reAgency freelancers. Brand managers work with clients and freelancers to determine the exact rate charged for each project or type of work.


Case Study #1 - One reAgency client has 5 social media accounts. Creating and scheduling social (one post a day per account) for this client takes us about 5 hours a week. Cost: ~$170/week for social creation and management

Case Study #2 - A reAgency client needed a single image for an upcoming email. They contacted their brand manager, who quickly found an available graphic designer. The client knew exactly what they wanted, so the graphic designer was able to complete the work in 30 minutes. Cost: $30 for a custom graphic design