Our Values

Our core values are empowerment and transparency, at every level and for everyone.

We believe a better world is possible, and we are determined to be part of creating it.

We are individuals, and we are undeniably pieces of a greater whole.

We live life with the full measure of our autonomy, and in turn we embrace the responsibility that such freedom requires.

We believe success is not a zero-sum game.

A rising tide lifts all ships.


We will not work with any brands that are:

• racist
• sexist
• homophobic or transphobic
• environmentally destructive
• responsible for killing animals or testing on animals
• involved with conflict minerals

The types of brands and companies we seek to work with are:

• part of the solution rather than part of the problem
• socially conscious and aware
• honest, transparent, and respectful toward their customers, their employees, and their partners